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What are panel blinds?

What are panel blinds

Panel blinds resemble the combination of some vertical blinds and curtains because it has large fabric panels that hang down from the rail which has been installed specially for panel blinds the panel is wider than vertical ordinary blinds which means that single blinds are made from fewer slats or panels.

Making panel blinds

Panel blinds can be made by wider panels of fabric and wood which are attached to the tracking system. These can be easily shut or opened with the cord of the remote control, and these can be easily tilted to control the excess amount of sunlight that enters the room and may cause distraction.

Can we use panel blinds as room dividers?

As we all know these are very effective to block light and help you to create privacy, but it depends upon the selection of fabric you choose. But vertical blinds are not very effective to control light so most people like them because it is the best option to divide the room through these Pannel blinds.

Working of panel blind track

These consist of several fabric strips, and they can be easily hung from a Panel at the top of the window these panels are overlapped slightly because they can block sunlight and provides you privacy whenever it is closed. You can slide the window to another side and can see outside or you can open the door these are stacked on others and hung clearly out of the way.

How wide is the panel blind?

Its size is 800mm to 600mmso You can measure these sizes according to your window or door and then go to Buy Because These are standard sizes.

Do you know how wide are window panel blinds?

The width of the panel window is up to 50 and 58 inches, but the sheer curtains are double in size at least 108 if we talk about the regular size of the window, it is considered as 30 to 36.

What is a headrail?

The Headrail is the uppermost part of the blinds where the control mechanism is located near the blinds and attached to the wall or ceiling. It looks good when it is installed correctly.

Some major benefits

Panel blinds are more stylish and give a unique look to the entire area specially the patio or long TV lounge these are more traditional as compared to ordinary blinds it offers you sleek and elegance designs operating these Pannel blinds is easy because it provides you with better insulation it helps you to make your home cool in Summers and gives you warmness in the winter season.


Panel blinds are stylish and give you comfort and a fresh environment once you install these blinds and learn how to deal with these types of blinds you wish to advise everyone because of its amazing benefits and results vacuuming is the only cheapest way of its maintenance. Because it can suck dust deeply which causes allergies or skin problems.

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