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When to Hire a Blocked Drain Plumber?

Blocked drains are one of the most common problems among households. Whether it’s in a sink or toilet, blocked drains can cause a lot of headaches. Most of the time, you’re in the position to resolve the issue. You can use tools or pantry staples to clear the clogs. Although there are times when you need to seek professional help. Here are some tips on when to hire a blocked drain plumber.

Prevention is Better Than Cure

It’s best to know the causes of how and why you’ve got a blocked drain. As such, you can avoid them as much as possible through preventive measures. The most common culprits are:

1 . Hair knots up with grease and soap resulting in clogging in your drains. The best prevention is to put a hair drain strainer.

2. Mineral build-up can either clog or damage your pipes. They may come from hard water sources in specific locations. If you’ve identified that you’ve got a hard water supply, installing a water softener is the smartest thing to do.

3. Oil, grease, and fat can cause a big problem with your pipes. The best way to avoid these elements hitting your drains is to use a paper towel when cleaning grease and throwing them out in the compost instead.

4. Soap residues build up in time and block the water pathway. It might be a good idea to use soap-free washes.

5. Waste and dirt build-up can also contribute to the clog. First, you need to avoid washing away dirt on your drains. For food waste, use a compost bin to dispose of them. It’s also advisable not to flush anything on the toilet like cotton swabs, diapers, feminine products, toilet paper, and wipes.

6. Be reminded also never to flush cat litter in your toilet. They absorb moisture and clump on your pipes. It’s best to throw them away in a cat litter bag.

There are other causes of a blocked drain which you cannot resolve yourself. These are:

1. When you or your children accidentally plush small objects on your toilet

2. Offset pipes that need replacement or repair

3. Tree roots that cause a crack on your underground pipes

These three issues are the times when you need to hire a blocked drain plumber.

When to Hire a Blocked Drain Plumber?

There are common signs for you to know when to hire a block drain plumber or unclog a blocked drain yourself. Here are the best ways to do so.

Check if the clog is too deep

Using an auger snake or a plunger can help you unclog a blocked drain. Pouring hot water or a mixture of baking soda and water can also help resolve the issue.

But if you’ve got a blockage that is too deep, you will need an expert to clean the drain. Doing it yourself may prove ineffective as you’ve got limited tools to reach the clog.

If the blocked drain issue is recurring

There are instances when you have successfully unclogged the drain using cleaning solutions or tools. Unfortunately, the problem comes back after a few days or so. It may be a waste of time to repeatedly unclog the blocked drain yourself.

Take note also that regular use of chemicals or cleaning solutions can damage your pipe. It’s about time to hire a blocked drain plumber to identify the real issue behind your drain and piping problems.

Multiple Clogs

A single blocked drain issue can be handled well through DIY solutions. But if you’re experiencing multiple clogs, it may signal a deeper problem in your drains. Hiring a blocked drain plumber is the best way to know and fix the problem.

Old pipes

Your pipes may be too old causing problems in your drain. If you’re using traditional pipes, mostly built before 1985, its lifespan is only about 20 years. Once you encounter a multitude of blocked drain problems at home, you may need to consider replacing these pipes and hiring a blocked drain plumber.

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