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Which Indoor Floor To Choose?

In terms of interior flooring, there are plenty of choices: tiles, parquet, stone, soft flooring, waxed concrete, cement tiles, the possibilities are many. Several criteria allow you to compare the characteristics of each floor to help you choose the one that will be most suitable for this or that part of your home. Estheticism, ease of maintenance, robustness, resistance to water, price. We will help you to decide!

PVC And Vinyl Floors

Manufactured in a plastic material derived from petroleum – therefore of chemical origin – PVC and duela vinilica are more and more used because of their chameleon side. They imitate the texture of all existing soils.

Most: Simple to install, they fit all rooms and offer good sound and heat insulation. They are often anti-stain, anti-scratch, shockproof, and anti-slip. 100% waterproof, they do not fear moisture, heat, or light, and are also easy to maintain.

Rooms: they are particularly adaptable to the most frequent parts of a house, like the rooms of children, the entrance, the kitchen, or even the bathroom.

The Carpet

A little put aside, the carpet is back. Almost similar to alfombras para uso rudo , it comes in different formats (rolls, slabs) and materials (synthetic wool, acrylic).

Most: Easy to install, the carpet is a very good sound and thermal insulation. Another advantage; Its anti-slip properties.

Rooms: to avoid in rooms where there is passage. This will avoid stains caused by under shoes or food.

The Polished Concrete

A mixture of powder, marble, cement, and fine river sand, the waxed concrete allows you to create a modern and urban atmosphere.

Most: Shock resistant, hygienic, and easy to maintain; it fits everywhere and keeps the heat.

Rooms: Intended for pisos para gym.


The so-called stone floors include granite, marble, slate, or limestone.

Most: The stone is durable, ultra-resistant, very aesthetic, and easy to clean, provided you choose a well-suited product, not detergent.

Rooms: intended for the ground floor, relative to their weight.

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