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Why you should hire an arborist?

Arborists are the people specialized in tree care and services. A professional arborist is an ISA certified and is trained and qualified to provide tree care. Properly maintained tree increases the value of your property whereas, poorly managed trees can be hazardous to your property. Proper pruning, therefore, demands a professional Toronto arborist  who can work safely with trees.

Services provided by an arborist:

1)    Proper Pruning:  Trimming and pruning are necessary to remove the dead and leaned branches. It also improves the appearance and safety of the trees. Pruning includes:

  1. Removing risky and broken limbs of the trees that interfere with the structure and streets.
  2. Removing of dead, weak, decayed and infected parts of the trees.
  3. Maintaining the proper structure of the tree by improving its shape.

2)    Tree removal:  An arborist can recommend removing the tree under extreme conditions like:

  1. Dead or decayed tree
  2. Tree posing risk to life and structure.
  3. Tree crowding and causing harm to other desirable trees.
  4. If you need to replace by a better species.
  5. If the tree is blocking any construction.
  6. Tree likely to be hazardous in the extreme weather conditions like a storm.

3)    Planting of trees: Arborists are well equipped with knowledge about the topographical and environmental conditions of the area. As per your choice and plan, he will advise you the species and varieties that you can plant in your yard. Planting a wrong tree at a wrong location will reduce its life span and will be a liability in the future.

4)    Provide plant varieties: Many arborists also provide the specimens and varieties of the trees for your lawn area.

5)    Care and Maintenance: The most important job of an arborist is to give proper care and maintenance of your trees like detecting and reducing problems of insect, disease and other infections.  Other services include fertilization, soil modifications, soil aeration, support to weak branches, installation of lightning protection systems, applications to manage certain insect and disease problems and providing legal advice and services relating to trees.

How to check for the right arborist?

There are certain points to check while you choose the right arborist for services like tree removal Toronto.

1)    He should be a member of professional organizations like the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA), etc. Certified professionals know the latest techniques and information and have passed examinations related to tree care.

2)    Check the insurance proof. Most of the professionals carry personal and property damage insurance as well as workers’ compensation insurance.

3)    Check the required permits and licenses.

4)    Ask for references and cross check with them.

5)    Visit the previous site done by the arborist.

6)    Take multiple quotations.

7)    Check for the credentials.

8)    Hire only a professional Toronto arborist who performs industry practices.

9)    Sign a written contract.

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