Below are some carpet maintenance mistakes all of us are making;

  1. I must wait until the carpet looks very boring and dirty, then I will call the carpet cleaner.

This common error hinders the cleaning of the carpets, especially if the expectation is to make the carpet look new again! Known by many, the carpet easily collects dirt, and dust particles in the air, along with microorganisms that bind with the particles, which accumulate on the carpet over time. But to save costs, many people would only mark help when the carpet begins to smell or look “dirty.”

Do not undermine the effect of the garbage collected on the carpet, since it can cause abrasion every time you walk on it, which makes the carpets disappears prematurely. The vacuum is a good daily maintenance practice of the carpet, but alone it is not enough to thoroughly eliminate the deeply accumulated dirt after a long period of use.

The annual cleaning of the complete carpet the professionals to fulfill the tasks, such as eliminating accumulated dust, and stains, and eliminating the micro body on the stalking inside the carpet is strongly recommended. The regular cleaning of the carpet the professionals also helps to prolong the useful life of their carpet, giving it a greater opportunity to revive the color of the carpet again to new, eliminate the spots and improve the quality of the inner air in its inner environment.

  1. A carpet is considered dirty when it has many spots.

An impeccable carpet may seem clean to our eyes, but can potentially inhibit a lot of earth particles and fine microorganisms. Especially the commercial carpet, there is a significantly high amount of chemical waste, fine dust particles in the air, brought by footwear, clothing, air conditioning fans, and micro-organisms such as dust mites, fungi, and bacteria, which are accumulated within carpet batteries.

While these particles in the air cannot be seen with our naked eyes, it has been shown that prolonged exposure to these inner air pollutants, especially dust and dust mite in the house, cause respiratory and skin problems, especially for those who suffer from chronic allergies such as asthma, rhinitis and eczema rhinitis.

By the time I find the carpet in your home or commercial premise, it begins to look dirty and produce an unpleasant smell, the carpet would have contained an unhealthy level of dirt and micro-organism that will produce a poor quality of the inner air.

The regular vacuum and annual cleaning of professional carpets are highly-recommended to maintain good hygiene to minimize the accumulation of dirt and micro-organism particles on the carpet. The good maintenance of the carpet would improve the quality of the inner air and give rise to a healthier life and work environment.

  1. All types of carpet cleaning methods are so good.

The different methods produce different results, depending on the type of technology used. After many years of research and development to improve compound carpet cleaning technology, the result of cleaning produced by dry carpet cleaning using a biodegradable compound has reached the same standard, if not better, as some of the methods popular such as hot water extraction.

Although many methods for cleaning wet carpets produce satisfactory results, the performance, and benefits of the compounds have exceeded the popular methods of cleaning conventional carpets because the cleaning of carpets deeply composed the carpet, eliminates the spots, dirt, and Micro-organisms effectively, and for its advantage, cleaning the compound carpet does not require drying time, which provides convenience to carpet users and better productivity.

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