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Mark Roemer Oakland Gives Side Hustles You Can Do in A Small Apartment


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, and a recent Bankrate survey, more than 45 percent of all working Americans have a side hustle, with the rate increasing to nearly 50 percent when millennials are included. Moreover, bringing in a flow of spare or passive income appears to be becoming more common in the United States.

Working from the convenience of your residence can be a privilege if you require the extra cash. It simplifies side hustles, particularly if you have a versatile work schedule. This is cash you can use to buy stocks, repay debt, or get a mortgage loan — the options are limitless.

Begin with these work-from-home concepts with high earning potential if you’d like to initiate your side hustle:

Discovering Your Ideal Side Hustle – If you work a full-time job with stringent hours, you’ll need to discover a flexible side hustle that can prosper after hours in your residence. While renting out a space in your residence to earn extra cash in this flourishing sharing economy may be appealing, make sure you get permission from your landlord first.

If you are caught doing something that is not permitted, your lease may be terminated. Always double-check your lease before beginning any apartment side jobs. Here are the flexible side hustles you can perform from your apartment.


Take your abilities from your daily work and apply them outside of the office for a side hustle. Establish a business as a freelance writer, transcriber, graphic artist, and other services to earn money from the comfort of your own home.

Sites like Fiverr and Upwork are great places to begin building a customer list, and depending on your time constraints, you can also contact an organization that hires project-based contractors.


If you enjoy playing on the floor with children, consider offering your babysitting assistance on nights and weekends to local groups, your complex’s society board, or your family and friends. There are also a few applications for on-demand services available, such as the college student-focused Wyndy. Best of all, if they like you, they’ll keep you on speed dial for prospective gigs and will spread the word to their acquaintances.

Focus Groups and Online Surveys – Have a minute and a lot of ideas? Apply online to agencies to take surveys and participate in focus groups. Consumers who want to spend a few minutes giving their opinion can take advantage of paid surveys on websites.

If you already buy a specific product or live a certain lifestyle, marketing firms will conduct online focus groups for you. If you enjoy watching TV or trying new foods, be sure to sign up for the mailing lists of those in your area.

Sell Your Pictures Online

Use your photo background and existing image library to sell scenery or other non-specific imagery to stock sites and make additional money through royalties. If you prefer to sell your products, upload your favorite pictures or similar sites and sell phones, pillows, and designs of your work.

Virtual Assistant

There are only certain hours in a day, and busy business owners frequently require assistance with their to-do list. Provide your virtual assistant services online by answering emails, modifying websites, bookkeeping, and performing other administrative tasks.


As our world continues to evolve toward online jobs, the idea of generating income from the convenience of your own home becomes less speculative and more realistic. Working from home has numerous advantages, according to Mark Roemer Oakland, whether you wish to start a consulting business or freelance as a writer.


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