5 Tips for Choosingthe Perfect Office Curtains

Decorating a space is often a real headache if we do not have the advice of an expert to help us in our task. Choosing office curtains is not always an easy task. It is not enough to choose any model to get by.

The workplace is the second place where we spend more time a day after the family home. We must make it a comfortable and pleasant space, something indispensable to achieve a balanced environment that favors work within the company. Below are tips you should keep in mind when choosing office curtains.

#1: Harmony with the furniture

To create a pleasant workplace, we must choose office curtains that are in accordance with the rest of the furniture. It is important not to lose the thread of the decoration and always follow the same decorative line. If for example, our workspace has very ornate furniture, softening the room with office curtains with light tones would be one of the best options.

#2: Color of the walls

In the same way as furniture, walls play a very important role in the choice of an office or other curtain models. Our purpose is to reach the chromatic balance, getting all the elements of the office to be part of a whole. In white walls or in light tones, we can afford to put a curtain with some color that gives life to the space.

#3: Office design

Following the harmony of design in furniture and walls, one more element to consider is the style of the office.  We must bear in mind the already existing decoration at the moment of choosing the curtains; is it modern, conservative, minimalist, sober, or urban.

#4: Space dimension

The size of the space where we are going to place the office curtains must be taken into account so as not to break the balance.  If the space is very small, we should not choose curtains that are very ornate, since it could be oppressive and overloaded.For that situation, it is better to resort to simplicity, “less is more”. However, the wide and clear spaces admit a more colorful type of curtain or even prints.

#5: Adequate lighting

One of the things that most favor the productivity of work is having adequate lighting. The solution for many would be to turn on as many lights as possible and problem fixed. The truth is that there is nothing like enjoying a lot of natural light in a space.

The ideal is to choose office curtains that allow to filter the sunlight in its proper measure. This creates a warm and comfortable work climate. You can always check stores like Store urbain for a wide variety of curtains and blinds that will suit your style and fulfil purpose.


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