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How to Maintain Your Pond?


Maintaining a pond can be tricky, especially when you have to take care of your pond according to the season. As the season changes the flora and fauna of the pond changes and you have to maintain it accordingly.  

It is necessary to get the water tested every once in a while, just so you know whether it is algae free or not. In order to maintain a healthy ecosystem, a maintenance routine is extremely important.

We are here to guide you how to do just that and not only that we will guide through the seasonal pond care so you change up the routine as the season changes.

Autumn and Winter Care Routine:

Winter may be over in most part of the world, but it is just beginning in some parts. As autumn arrives the leaves start to fall and if the leaves fall in the pond they can decay in the pond and disturb the ecosystem.  

You can clean it with the help of a pond vacuum or you can put a net over the pond and prevent the leaves from going in altogether. Anyone can google how to build a pond and build, but maintenance is harder than building.

As the temperature drops all animal needs a protein-rich diet and so does your fish in the pond, but don’t feed it too often as their metabolism slows down in winter. If the pond freezes keep an area free of ice so the gasses can escape.  

Plants should not be fed in winter and you should place them below the freezing level so that their roots don’t freeze. If the temperature is too cold it is better to turn off the pump in the winter.

Spring Care Routine:

This is the time where pond life goes back to normal. You can stop using the winter precautions we advised and start feeding the fish normally when the water temperature goes back to 60 degrees.

You should start by fertilizing the plants and turn on the pump. Do not use chemical fertilizer always use organic. Lilly and other such plants should be fertilized every three to four weeks.  

This is the best time to start cleaning the debris that has started to build up also add a dechlorinating agent to remove the chlorine.

Summer Care Routine:

Feed the fish one to three times each day, but do not overfeed the fish. The fertilizer routine will remain the same as spring.  

Your cleaning routine should be on point but do not over clean. Summer is the time to enjoy all the work you have done in winter and in spring.

Follow this very routine and your pond will flourish and stay healthy throughout the year.


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