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A Few Tips to Implement Desk Sharing

Let us first try to understand the concept of desk sharing. Desk sharing is a workspace that can be shared by more than a single employee in a certain company turn by turn. In a real shared desk arrangement, the business will assign one workspace like a chair and a desk to more than one or two employees.

A few members may work either in different shifts or maybe working remotely hence effectively a single person will occupy the desk at a time. Tribe Signs can offer you any double desk furniture for the company so that that can be used suitably for desk sharing purposes.

Let us share a few tips here, on how you can implement this kind of desk sharing concept in your company.

Discuss with the team first

Before you implement this desk-sharing or double desk idea in your company, it is necessary to discuss it with the people who are going to be affected so that they are comfortable with this arrangement.

Plan the shared desk space

While creating the sharing double deskconcept, it is necessary to see how much space a person will get. Certain good planning can help in implementing this arrangement without creating any hassle for the users.

Get adjustable height desks

It will be a good idea to go for an adjustable height desk since the desk will be shared by different people of different heights and physical structures, hence an adjustable height desk will be preferable.

Incorporate different sitting options

Offering a variety of seating alternatives, including the flexibility to go from either sitting or standing, is a terrific approach to keep your staff comfortable and focused on the job at hand.

Create necessary space for document storing

Every office needs certain paperwork that may get generated and need to be stored in a safe place. You may create a certain individual space for each member to store their documents. You can also think of corner bookshelf next to a double desk.

Assign locker

It will be a good idea to provide a certain locker space so that the employees can keep their important items safely so that they may not get misplaced or misused.

Encourage cleanliness

When multiple people will share the same double deskthen cleanliness and keeping everything organized may become an issue. Therefore, you need to encourage all the members to maintain cleanliness.

Eliminate any stationary telephone

The stationary telephone or even a certain hard-wired or landline type of phone at each desk is no longer practicable or even practical in anyshared-desk work setting.

Create certain rules

Since the same space will be shared by multiple people with different time schedules and hence it is necessary to set a certain rule for all of them so that uniformity can be maintained.

Ask for feedback

Requesting input from those who will use the new shared system is one of the greatest ways to determine whether it is working. Depending on the input, you can make improvements that will benefit everyone.


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