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When you are considering moving to an area in London, it is important to check out the security state of such an area so as to know what to expect from such area. In case you have some worries as regards the security state of the borough you are migrating to, it may be best you get an SIA Security London. The security condition of your residence whether good or bad will surely impact your insurance premium; therefore it’s important that you become familiarized with the boroughs most affected by crime incidents in the 2018/2019 financial calendar.


One of the bustling areas in the City of London is Westminster and much of the activities in this borough can be attributed to the numerous numbers of tourists flooding into this region. Unlike the past year, there’s been a majestic rise in the level of crime incidents in Westminster with the number now at 71,034 which is a 22.2% increment on what it was in 2017/2018 financial year (58,129). Sounds like crime rates have been heightened in Westminster and stores/residential homes now need London SIA security guards more than ever.

  1. Camden

Taking its usual position on the list is Camden which had a crime incident rate of 38,577 in the past year but now has 38,691 incidents in this financial year. Despite being second on the list, Camden has maintained its position as one of the boroughs in London where affluent residents reside and as such it is still an expensive region in London. The criminal damage rate as well as crime incidents have only increased by a handful of figures compared to what it was in the past year (with the former now at 1,857). Endeavour to hire an SIA security London to safeguard your office environment or private property if you have one in Camden.

  1. Southwark

The crime incidents level for this borough is now at 38,862, which is a huge leap from what it was in the previous financial year (33,997). That’s a significant increment for a region with loads of tourists (many of whom have journeyed down o this borough to enjoy the sights of some monuments like the Shakespearean Globe, The Shard, and the borough market). It is therefore imperative that you get yourself and your property SIA security London and London SIA security guards respectively if you intend to stay safe and secured in this area.

  1. Newham

A major change in the rankings from what it was in the last financial year is Newham. This borough was formerly 4th on the list with crime incidents of 34,841 has moved up to 3rd in this financial year with incidents level of 38,654.

  1. Lambeth

Another area on the list which featured in the last financial year but in the 3rd position is Lambeth. Located between Central London and Streatham and directly south of Westminster, Lambeth has seen an increment in its crime incidents from 35,007 to 37,589. This is a 7.4% increment on what the level was previously. Much of these are still constituted by violence against person just like it has been in the past years. This further backs the claim that every property owner should consider hiring London SIA security guards if they are to maintain a level of security and safety across their properties.









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