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Things That You Should Know About The Japanese Knotweed

Japanese knotweed is a type of weed that is local in some parts of East Asia like Japan, Korea, and China. Aside from that, it’s also found in some parts of North America and Europe. But the ones that have more use to this are mostly Asian countries. Mostly as herbal medicine (think of that next time when you try to pull out the knotweed). The weed is known as Reynoutria japonica, part of a large species of any herbaceous perennial plant.

Although in some countries it’s used industrially in various bee farms and herbal medicine, especially in some Asian cultures. But for the most part, is considered as a weed and its constantly being pulled out. The problem, for the most part, is that these types of weeds are very aggressive and can increase in size faster.  How fast you say? well… normally it grows 10 cm a day to 20cm if it’s in its best seasons.

Why it keeps coming back: There are many reasons why your knotweed keeps coming back even if you burn it, because bees can also carry its pollen, so even if you pull it out, as long as its rich in your area, you  can expect that there’s a big chance that it will continue to grow. It’s the toughest plants of all because they can survive from harsh weather conditions and even without care. So don’t expect that because you didn’t show it and love that it won’t grow still.

Are there ways to eradicate it? As long as it’s still widely present in your area, it can’t be fully eradicated. But you can maintain it from growing. You can also explore its other uses like using it as herbal medicine.

  • It’s good for cognitive disorders
  • It’s good in combating certain types of heart diseases
  • Helps lower blood pressure
  • Helps relieve GI problems
  • Can lower blood sugar levels

With the benefits mentioned, it’s a win-win

You can take the responsibility out of your hands: The thing is you don’t necessarily need to waste your time in keeping the knotweed out of your property. There are experts that help you with that. They are efficient enough, and the best part about it is that they help you free up some time. Giving you more time to do the things that matter the most or most important to you. Besides, they know about japanese knotweed better than you do.

The knotweed is considered as a very aggressive weed since it can survive in harsh weather conditions and can grow faster than any plant. As a result, it becomes a pain to maintain a property and rid it of the knotweed. Although you can’t eradicate it, most especially if it’s local in your area, you can maintain it and even use it as herbal medicine after all the benefits that you can get out of it are not that bad. If there’s already too much and it’s getting harder to manage, how about you just hire professionals to do the dirty work for you? By hiring professionals, you no longer need to lift a single finger in maintaining your property and be free from knotweed. For more information, you may visit the link.

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