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Attic Renovation: 5 Essential Things You Must Know

Attic renovation can give you more than you can see with your eyes. For some people, an attic is that unclaimed portion that has not been utilized. But it can be converted to rec rooms, baths, and bedrooms. So that it can be fully transformed, it might need flooring, insulation and drywall without forgetting ease of access.

If you think of renovating your attic room, here are essential things you must know. if you consider them, you will be ready to renovate:

  1. Structural Stair System

If you hire a construction firm to help you, you need to know the way you can access the place. It is therefore essential to think of a loft ladder. For some old homes, you will find that their attic stair steep and narrow and might not comply with modern codes.

It is therefore essential to determine the stair’s pitch, location and structure such that it will be fairly complex. That is why it might be essential to consult from a competent designer.

  1. Building Restriction

In every state, municipal or town, there are rules and regulations of construction. Depending on your location, you have to be informed about these restrictions to avoid fines. In every place, the body regulates the size, shape, and position of each home.

So, it will be vital if you check with regulating the body in your area. It is the only way you will be sure you can develop your attic for use.

  1. Difference Between Floor Joists and Ceiling

In most cases, the attic is usually the ceiling joist. These ceiling joists are designed such that they carry drywall weight although it will depend on the home’s age and previous constructor. If you find that attic is livable space, the ceiling that is existing will not be meeting the structural requirements of your floor.

There are numerous factors that can determine the flooring system that fits best in the existing structure. So, you will be cautious about the things needed for creating flooring.

  1. Proper Insulation

Can you transform a place that during summer the temperature reaches 150 degrees or freezing during winter? It is therefore essential to insulate your loft place. For the past many years, the main focus was to make the insulation codes more stringent.

There are different materials that you can use to insulate your attic. Some people will prefer fibreglass while insulating the roof. However, you need to create a deep cavity, and it is possible when you attach a wood frame.

On the other hand, thinking of spray insulation, it might be expensive but will increase the values of R in small cavities. So, it will help you to avoid furring.

  1. Lighting

In every room in your home, it should have light. It might be a bedroom, kitchen, or living room. It is similar to attic such that you have to let light in. however, the type of natural lighting will depend on various factors like budget, availability and role of the place.

You have to ensure you balance the way the windows will be installed. Sometimes, the municipal’s egress will be essential while installing them.

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