Different Types of Commercial Trucks You Can Rent for One-Off Jobs

If you’re in the trucking business, you’re well aware that there are a number of different types of trucks that are suitable for different types of jobs.  Leasing or buying a fleet of trucks can become costly, especially if certain types of trucks are used less often.  Instead of purchasing an entire fleet, consider leasing or purchasing just a few trucks that are used for a majority of the jobs you are contracted to and just renting other commercial trucks that are less commonly requested.  Renting trucks for one-off jobs can help you build your business by increasing your customer base, your business’s versatility, and of course, your business’s income.  Here are some commercial trucks that you can rent for odd jobs. The types of trucks were provided to us by West End Service trucking company.

Refrigerated Trucks.

If you have a typical trucking business, you might only be transporting dry goods.  There may be some cases where you are contacted regarding the movement of cold storage goods.  For this, you would definitely require a refrigerated truck or refrigerated box truck.  These trucks are probably not going to be requested very often from the average trucking company, so it would be cost-efficient to rent the requested truck so you’re able to take the contract.  This is a great way to pick up an extra job, especially during slower seasons or if the contract is a big one.

Water Tank Trucks.

Renting this type of truck is a very cost-efficient alternative to buying, especially if for short-termed temporary project.  They offer specially designed tanks for storing large volumes of liquid and custom chassis to accommodate pumping equipment.  This is helpful to spray water at industrial job sites or can be used as preventative equipment if working in an area that there is a significant risk of fire.  If your business is contacted to work an industrial site, renting is the best option.  If you lease or buy, a water tank truck may sit around more often than it would be used.  Renting temporarily will help your business create more opportunity.  Once you see the need for a water tank truck start to rise, that may be the time to consider leasing or purchasing options.

Vacuum Trucks.

This type of truck has a pump and a tank.  The pump is designed to suck liquids or sludges into the tank.  They are typically used to transport these liquids from the road to some other location.  This type of truck is likely not in high demand, so it might not be worthwhile to invest money in having one in your fleet.  However, renting is a great way to pick up any side jobs, especially if there are flooded areas that need cleaning.  These trucks can be rented on a contracted basis, which will help you make the most of your capital, especially if your business is in the start up phase.  Renting also allows you access to the specific models that you prefer or need.

Bucket Trucks.

Bucket trucks are a utility truck with an extended pole with a bucket that’s large enough to hold a person.  You may see them used by electrical workers when they are working on telephone poles, etc.  You may be contracted to rent a bucket truck if someone has a large property and they want to trim their trees.  It can also be used to harvest fruit, wash windows, or even painting.  These are lesser used trucks, so there’s likely no point in tying up capital investment in one of these, so if you’re looking to pick up one-off contracts, renting will be an inexpensive alternative.

There are a number of trucks that you can rent instead of buy or lease.  It is a great way to build your startup, pick up new clientele, promote yourself, and increase your capital flow.  Consider renting less common commercial trucks before deciding on if you’ll have enough business to make a purchase or lease worthwhile.

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