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Decorative Items for Good Luck & Positivity According to Vastu

Vastu Shastra has a huge impact on everyone’s life. A Vastu-compliant home will help to attract more positive energy to your house and ensure good health and success. Otherwise, you may experience various illnesses and financial losses. Hence, it is important to design a Vastu-compliant home. However, homes are not always constructed keeping the best practices for Vastu in mind. Under such circumstances, do not panic! You do not require a complete renovation to make your home Vastu compliant. Investing in a few Vastu-compliant decorative items for your interior home decoration can make the space more auspicious and attract positive energy. If you are not aware of the various decorative items you can use to make your home Vastu-compliant, here are a few Vastu tips for homes you can opt for: 

01 of 05 Get indoor plants to make your home Vastu-compliant

When it comes to making your home Vastu compliant, you can never go wrong with indoor plants. This Vastu tip for homes is one of the best options that not only attract more positive energy indoors but also enhance its aesthetic appeal. By incorporating plants in your interior design, you can create a very calming and peaceful atmosphere. According to Vastu, indoor plants help to ensure the well-being of the residents. There are various types of plants available in various colours, shapes, and sizes. Depending on your preferences and home interior design, you can choose almost any option you want. However, make sure you always avoid thorny plants like cacti. They invite a lot of negativity indoors. Similarly, bonsai should not be kept indoors because they hamper growth. However, you must keep in mind that maintenance is crucial. You have to water them timely and ensure that they receive sufficient sunlight. Dead plants and flowers are considered inauspicious. Hence, you must opt for low-maintenance plants if you do not have time for paying a lot of attention. 

02 of 05 Hang paintings on the walls

Hanging paintings on walls is a common interior home decoration trick for enhancing the aesthetic beauty of the home interiors. You can use them to add various colours, designs, patterns, etc. to your home design. Given the types of paintings available, you can easily find one that complements your home interiors perfectly. However, many people are not aware of the fact that you can hang paintings in your home to make it Vastu-compliant. Experts suggest opting for paintings that feature beautiful and scenic landscapes. They help to bring in a beautiful balance in the home atmosphere. Besides landscapes, you can also choose paintings that depict sunrises and sunsets, flowers, plants, waterfalls, birds, and various other natural elements. Paintings that depict war, sadness, or any unfavourable emotion, and have an unpleasant effect on the observer’s mind are considered bad for Vastu. Further, you should consider avoiding abstract paintings as well. 

03 of 05 Incorporate mirrors in your home design

When designing your home interiors as per Vastu, you have to pay attention to the mirrors in your house. According to Vastu, the position of a mirror has a huge impact on Vastu Shastra. While the right positions can accelerate growth and improve health, the wrong positions can attract lots of negative energies indoors. Always hang mirrors on walls that face North and East. Also, a mirror should always be four to five feet above the ground. These practices will help to attract more positive energies. Also, you must never place a mirror right in front of your bed. When your reflection forms on the mirror while sleeping, it is considered inauspicious. 

04 of 05 Add water elements to the home interiors

You can use all the elements of nature to make your home interiors Vastu compliant. Hence, this Vastu tip for homes can be used to enhance the aesthetic beauty of your home design and make it auspicious. It helps to remove tension and allows the good energies to keep flowing. The best way to add water elements to your home interior design as a decorative item is by opting for a small indoor fountain or an aquarium. Irrespective of what you choose, the item should be placed in the North, East, or North-East part of the house. In case you are choosing a fountain, ensure that the water flows to that particular side. 

05 of 05 Choosing the right curtains 

Curtains are used in almost every room. Besides ensuring privacy and enhancing aesthetic appeal, they can make your home Vastu compliant as well. When choosing curtains, always consider opting for the colour blue. According to Vastu, blue curtains deflect negative energies. Also, hang these curtains on the north side. Further, you must avoid dark colours while choosing curtains for home interiors. 

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