Different appliances finish blending with your Kitchen

In 2019, bold and creative looks are on the rise. The industry for years has got saturated by black, white and stainless steel kitchen appliance finishes. The kitchen and bath renovation has more moved towards color rebellion. We’ll go over some pros and cons of the most popular appliance finishes on the market now, as long as there are several options to choose from. Some of them are mentioned below as follows;

Truffle brown 

The finish brings warmth and earthiness that pairs well with dark wood and cabinetry. It is elegant and contemporary. Beauty, sophistication and also lighting up the darkest of spaces with its glossy shine, are some great things offered by truffle Brown. It is a safe choice for anyone building or remodeling a kitchen with its smooth and stylish look of this finish

Graphite grey 

Graphite grey is a sleek finish that brings a trendy, modern feel. If you desire a professional kitchen, this could be the end for you even if you are not into modern designing. It goes with anything like light or dark. But plan your appliance purchases and repairs accordingly, as the only downside is that it’s only made of Viking.

Custom Color Options with an option like La Cornue, SMEG, and Bertazzoni

La Cornue, SMEG and Bertazzoni offer a variety of colors if you visualize color in your dream kitchen. Your appliance finishes can be customized by yourself to match any style. Let your imagination roam free and be completely fearles

Custom color options from Bluestar

You should try Bluestar if you are searching for a custom color with endless possibilities. Bluestar allows as many choices as there are swatches in a paint store which 750 plus colors and 10 metal trims. Design each appliance to your specifications once you pick your desired texture in color. The kitchen and bath renovationcan help you out with the same. 

Slate by GE

This new appliance finish has become a favorite of all due to its matte finish and gray hue of slate. Slate offers a smart and stylish finish that is completely modern, clean and neutral. It’s a safe choice even though it can be said that it is the obvious choice for most appliances. Because of its smudge-proof qualities slate is also practical with fingerprints. You may not always be able to find it when replacing parts or appliances as it’s always manufactured by GE it is one of the biggest advantages.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is never a bad choice when it comes to designing the ultimate kitchen. In other words, we can say it is high-end and timeless. For reputation and perceived value, it also trumps additional white appliances. Stainless steel outshines the competition as the most important part is that it is built to last and aesthetically pleasing

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