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Different Ways to Use Porcelain Wall Tiles to Create a Unique Look 

Adding cabinets to the kitchen isn’t the only way to renovate it. Going all out and innovative with the wall tiles is also a stunning option. If money and a limited budget have always eaten away your desire to modernize your kitchen, you don’t have to hold back your wishes anymore – Porcelain tiles are the affordable options you should try this season. 

Porcelain wall tiles give the flexibility to choose between colors, patterns, textures, and whatnot! Whether the kitchen is small or big, the way you can use porcelain tiles to put your ideas to reality has been explained in this very useful guide. 

Read until the very end to understand how you can beautify your kitchen walls with the help of porcelain tiles like never before. 

#1. Use the Right Colors 

Color and size options in porcelain kitchen wall tiles offer the flexibility to make even a small kitchen look very big and spacious. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Use big rectangular wall tiles to cover the walls.
  • Cream, off-white, and white colors are the best options that create the illusion of a bigger and brighter kitchen. 

#2. Use the Right Style 

Porcelain wall tiles aren’t confined to regular geometric shapes. Complex geometric hexagonal shapes and round shapes look brilliant as backsplashes. 

You can also use modern 3-D and designer porcelain tiles to give your kitchen a trendy look like that of a luxurious chef’s kitchen. 

#3. Use Mimic Options to Create Different Styles 

Porcelain tiles from elite sellers such as Club Ceramics are manufactured to mimic the color and texture of real wood using the latest Italian technology. They’re also available in similar hues and textures like that of real stone and bricks. 

Some of the trendiest options that have been soaring in terms of beauty, strength, popularity, and durability are as follows:

  • Sisam Birch 
  • Vivid Dream
  • Corn silk sandy
  • Grey rock 
  • Rock Nero magic
  • Black rush
  • Satvario golden 
  • Wooden stripes 
  • Pabble stone 
  • Diana white

These different options can be used to lend your kitchen a rustic charm, a contemporary charm, a classic timeless look, a cottage look, and anything and everything you want. 

Bear in mind, no matter the beauty and patterns, quality is paramount. If you buy porcelain tiles from mediocre sellers, there’s no guarantee that those tiles would last. So, be mindful of the seller you pick. An elite seller will also offer the option to install the tiles you buy!

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