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Various Types of Commercial HVAC Units

Ensuring that the Heating, Ventilation, and Cooling system within your commercial building is in tip-top condition is important due to two reasons.  First is that it makes sure that your tenants, workers, and patrons are comfortable, and second is that it safeguards the bottom line of your business.

In case your Commercial HVAC unit Atlanta shows symptoms of improper functioning, or it is just aging and about to reach the end of its lifespan, you’ll need to do something to cure the condition.

Maybe repairs and maintenance will make it run smoothly for some time, but there might be chances of system replacement.

What Are Different Types Of Commercial HVAC Atlanta Systems?

Below are the most common types of common HVAC systems that you can find:

1.  Single-split system

This type of commercial HVAC unit is best for small offices, cafés, and shops. There is an exterior unit in every indoor unit; thus, as your business gets bigger, we can put in extra cooling capacity in a one-to-one ratio. Single-split systems are self-sufficient; therefore, while one breaks down, the others within the building are still functional.

2.  Multi-Split system

These units connect to a single, bigger outdoor system. Multi-split systems are ideal for retail shops, bigger office rooms, and doctor’s offices. They are quite different from the single split systems as they function by using a technology that lets them detect small temperature variations and make minute alterations.

3.  VAV system

VAV or variable air volume systems employ a single duct supply and return system with varying or constant airflow for keeping up temperatures at set points.

4.  VRF system

VRF or a variable refrigerant flow system is a heat pump that utilizes a refrigerant within the heating and cooling lines. These kinds of commercial HVAC systems can comply with the needs of bigger buildings and provide great flexibility. However, they are usually more costly as compared to other units.

 Commercial Vs Residential HVAC  

As compared to residential systems, commercial HVAC systems are bigger. Besides that, the residential HVAC systems usually rest against the side of a home, whereas commercial HVAC system usually rests on the building’s roof as it is bigger in size.

Commercial HVAC systems are noisy as compared to residential HVAC systems. There is also a big difference between the two when it comes to maintenance requirements. You will need the assistance of a professional to do the maintenance of a commercial unit.

To get an in-depth insight about difference between commercial and residential HVAC  

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