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Finer Details For the Wet Basement Repair Right Here

The construction method will require external excavation of the foundation for the installation of vertical waterproofing and wall insulation from lateral contact with the ground. In addition, you will need to isolate and insulate the floor. But the most difficult thing is to install a horizontal barrier in all walls below the floor. This can be done by chemical injection into the wall. This work should be done only by highly specialized firms equipped with high-quality laboratory equipment. Otherwise, a positive result cannot wait. For the Wet basement repair this is important.

  • Hygroscopic moisture collected from the air by salt crystals. It is necessary to remove mechanically the plaster containing traces of salt deposits.
  • Water entering the walls from direct contact with wet ground: capillary moisture. It is necessary to install waterproofing. This is the most expensive and time consuming job.
  • From practice, we can recommend a choice of two methods of isolation from capillary moisture.

Waterproofing of the basement with sanitizing plasters

The second modern method is electro physical waterproofing by electro-osmosis. It is much less troublesome, does not require any excavation or drilling, or the use of chemical injections. The inhabitants of the house may not even know that electro physical waterproofing is installed, and the walls of the basements monthly “lose” hundreds of liters of water. Therefore, this method is recommended for protection against capillary moisture in old historic buildings, where excavation and interference with the structure of the building is not permissible. It will become indispensable in buildings where access to the foundation is difficult.

Waterproofing of the basement with sanitizing plasters

If the diagnosis is established, and the sources of moisture are eliminated, you can proceed to remove water from the walls. Of course, the walls will sometime dry themselves, but for basements this period will be from 2 to 10 years. To accelerate this process, different methods are used, intensive ventilation, increasing the heating temperature, using air dryers, blowing walls with warm air, all this will effectively and significantly speed up the achievement of the result. Just remember that it is absolutely unacceptable to use open fire. In case of the Leaky basement repair also you need to have the best details.

It is impossible to start the internal repair of the basement without waiting for the walls to completely dries, since the new repair will be damaged by moisture in a matter of months. Of course, much basic work can be done: deepen the floor, install partitions, make a screed, and pave communications. It is even useful to bring down old plaster: it will open pores clogged with salts and speed up draining. Do not forget to bring down the plaster away from the house. But finishing work is simply useless to do you will not enjoy beauty for long. In this case, we strongly recommend against the use of primers and other blocking materials. This has already been written.


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