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Guide 101: Finding a commercial architect for industrial design!

Industrial architecture is a unique branch on its own. Designing a commercial place, like a food plant, or something like an office building, requires expertise that’s mounted on large projects. Of course, you have to do your homework, look for options, and may have to do a bunch of interviews, but for a project that’s big on budget and scale, the effort is definitely worth it. If you go for Stendel + Reich architecte usine, you can always get better insight on project development, but here are some important aspects that must be considered.

Think of this as a collaboration

Commercial projects involve huge money, and more often than not, it takes months before a design or project is approved and finalized. As an investor or someone who is looking for industrial architects, you need to be open for a collaboration. It’s not about hiring an architect for your home, because in this case, every step would mean a huge investment. Think of your architectural practice as an extended arm of your company, and it has to be a joint effort.

Expertise matters

There is no better or advanced way to evaluate the work of an industrial architectural practice than checking their work profile. The type and range of projects a company has done talks volumes of what they can do and if they have the expertise and experience of handling a project like yours. Sometimes, it might involve taking chances with an architectural practice, but knowing the background of a service does matter. You want to some of the basic things like how long they have been in business, who are some of their biggest clients, and if they are willing to offer references, as requested. Don’t be shy to ask the tough questions – Your entire project is at stake, and you need the best possible company you can find.

The fit is important

An architectural practice might be well-known in their industry, but this doesn’t mean that they are apt for your project. The first meeting with the team is going to matter, because you need to know what they bring to the table. For industrial architecture, it is absolutely important for a company to be well-aware of the standard challenges, possible scope, and trends. Check if their team ‘FITS’ for your requirements.

With these aspects in mind, shortlist a few companies and start with the entire discussion and negotiation.  

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