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How do I know if My Windows are bad?

Replacing your windows and doors is something most homeowners look forward to. Many homeowners only decide it’s time to put up new windows or doors when the old ones aren’t functioning properly anymore. However, it’s important to especially replace your windows because it plays an important role in how much sunlight you get the cost of your energy bills every month, and more.

Here are the 5 things you need to know if your windows are bad:

1. Hard to Clean

It should not hassle to clean your windows. However, when you spend more time on your windows, and they do not get clean enough, you should be planning a window replacement. Although the location of some windows makes it hard to reach, they should be clean when wiped. But if there are hard-to-remove stains on your windows, be on the lookout for a window company you will purchase replacement windows from.

2. Corrosion around Windows

If the wood or caulking surrounding your windows looks bumpy or corrugated, that shows you that dry rot is in progress. The affected wood will crack, shrink, and become powdery. Over time, the frame will become warped, crumbled, and separated from unaffected wood that will become infected shortly. Do not wait until the entire window falls off from the wall; contact an experienced contractor for a window replacement.

3. 20 plus Years Old House

If your house is at least 20 years old, start planning a window replacement because the chances are that the windows are old and have lost their energy efficiency. Windows have a life span of up to 15 or more years, depending on the manufacturer. Meanwhile, you need to hire an experienced contractor to evaluate and attest to the soundness of your windows before you can retain them. Else, go for a window replacement.

4. Frequent Repairs of Heating and Cooling Device

Another sign that you need a window replacement is the frequent maintenance and repairs of your HVAC machine. Your machine may be working hard to heat or cool your home, which makes it to overwork. Your home may have lost its energy efficiency through compromised windows. As you engage a professional engineer to service and repair your air conditioner frequently, have your windows examined: you probably need a window replacement.

5. Outdoor Design

When the design of your windows is outdated, you can replace your windows to install modern designs that are capable of enhancing the aesthetics of your home. New designs have a lot to benefit your home in terms of visual appeal and energy efficiency.

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