How to Deep-Clean Every Room in Your House?  

Because of how busy life may be, dirt and clutter can accumulate quite quickly. As the seasons change, take some time to clean and organize your home so that it stays spotless all year. However, deep cleaning can sound like a difficult task. Luckily, you can take your time and finish the house on a weekend or one room at a time. 

Utilize these tips to learn how to thoroughly clean every room in your house and maintain your whole home clean and tidy. 

How often should you deep clean your house?


With a few exceptions like cleaning the kitchen, switching out your sheets, and vacuuming rugs, which should be done more often, deep cleaning is recommended every three to four months. As the seasons change, you should thoroughly clean your house, paying particular emphasis to spring cleaning once the cold and flu season is through. 

Let’s see how you can do it most effectively. Keep reading. 

Deep Cleaning a Kitchen 

First, it’s important to mention that you should clean all the spills in the kitchen right away so the deep cleaning won’t be such a tedious task. If your kitchen is already in decent condition, deep cleaning will be a piece of cake. 

Since it is used regularly and bacteria from food can cover many surfaces, the kitchen requires a lot of upkeep. To maintain your kitchen spotless, complete these duties periodically in addition to your regular daily cleaning. 

Cleaning products required: 

l  Universal cleaner

l  Oven sanitizer

l  Microfiber towels (make sure you have them always clean as well)

l  Vinegar, baking soda, or lemon if you want natural cleaning products

l  Hand soap

l  Mop and/or broom 

Clean the counters and backsplash using an all-purpose cleaner or a granite cleaner if you have stone tiles after clearing the clutter from your surfaces. Use warm water and a toothbrush with a stiff bristle to scrub the grout. For more cleaning power, you can also add some baking soda to the water. 

Take everything out of the refrigerator and freezer, toss away any food that has gone bad or has been freezer-burned, and clean all the shelves and drawers. To clean the top, sides, and area behind the refrigerator, pull it away from the wall. 

Utilizing an all-purpose cleanser and a sponge, clean the interior of your microwave or stove. Clean the tray as well by removing it. Use a sponge to clean the exterior, and then finish with a microfiber cloth. 

Deep clean your bedroom 

Wash the duvet, dust ruffle, and shams as directed. These linens should not be washed as frequently as sheets.

Clean the area behind the headboard and underneath the bed, if you can move or reach there. 

Apply a damp microfiber cloth to all the furniture to clean it. Every six months, remember to flip and/or rotate your mattress. Sprinkle baking soda over your mattress, let it sit for an hour, and then vacuum. 

Once a year, wash your pillows and comforters. Take it to a laundromat or a professional cleaner if your washing machine is not big enough. Bond cleaning Melbourne is the right choice for a professional cleaning service. 

Clean your laundry room 

Clean the exterior of the washer and dryer as well as all of its surfaces.

Depending on whether your washing machine is top or side-loading, there are subtle differences in how to clean it, but the process is the same. Apply a vinegar spray to the inside of your washing machine. Pay close care to the rubber gasket on the machine door as you clean, especially. Directly pour 2 cups of vinegar into the drum, then set it to the hottest setting. After that, immediately add half a cup of baking soda to the drum and restart the process on the highest setting. When finished, wipe dry and leave the door ajar so it can completely dry. 

Deep clean your floors 

Regular cleaning should include sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping the floors in your house. If your floors are tiled, concentrate on cleaning the grout as well as removing stains, tough grime, and particularly high-traffic areas. 

Start by giving your laminate or hardwood floors a simple cleaning. White vinegar, water, and a few drops of dish soap mixed one to one can be used to soak up spills on carpeted floors. By lifting the stain rather than rubbing it back in, blot it with a cloth. Always test a carpet cleaning product on a hidden portion of the carpet before using it to ensure that it won’t fade the color or harm the carpet in any other way.


Don’t forget to upkeep your house day by day to make the deep cleaning process simpler and faster when the times come. If your home is already a mess, and you feel overwhelmed, don’t hesitate to hire professional cleaners and get the best version of your home. 


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