Why You Should Choose Green Cleaning Supplies


You use different sorts of cleaning products in your home. Some are reserved for cleaning glass surfaces, while others do well to remove rust stains from ceramic. However, most of those products are toxic and not environmentally friendly. Even if you search for “home cleaning services near me” and hire pros to do the cleaning, they are going to use the same products unless you specify it. It’s time to bring a change and choose greener products that are better for you and the environment. Let’s check out some of their benefits:

The Reasons

  1. You get a wide variety of choices – Unlike popular assumptions, green cleaning supplies aren’t a rare commodity. Over the years people have become more aware of their carbon footprint and the harm their current lifestyle does to the environment. That’s why there has been a dramatic rise in demand for both green technology and green products. 

That’s why you have numerous options in the market. Moreover, they aren’t just green for the sake of it. They pack quite a punch and can compete with traditional cleaners both in terms of price and effectiveness. They fit your budget, are safe for you and your kids, and don’t harm mother nature. There’s no reason for you to not add them to your shopping cart. 

  1. They are eco-friendly – This one is glaringly obvious. Green cleaning supplies justify their category by being environmentally friendly. When you use regular harsh chemicals to wash your dishes, clothes or clean the bathroom, those chemicals end up in the sewers and the sewer treatment plants haven’t kept pace with these harsh chemicals. 

They are often partially treated and released back to water bodies. This results in water pollution and damages the local ecosystem. Moreover, these chemicals may find their way back to you in the form of rain or through the food chain. If the sewers are leaky, they also destroy the underground water table and may cause irreversible damage. 

When you use these chemicals for washing your car and outdoor furniture, the damage is more severe. The chemicals drain into the ground and are released into the environment in the form of aerosols. That’s why you should opt for green cleaning supplies for their eco-friendliness. 

  1. They don’t harm your circulatory system – When you use chemical dish soap, household cleaners, and detergents, the residue left in the air and on the surfaces may enter your circulatory system by permeating through your skin. 

When these dangerous chemicals enter your circulatory system, they are absorbed by other organs and distributed throughout your body. They can negatively impact your bodily functions and cause both short-term and long-term harm. You don’t need to worry about that when you use eco-friendly cleaning products. 

  1. Hypoallergenic – Green cleaning supplies are made from natural and eco-friendly raw materials that are usually hypoallergenic. That means they don’t trigger respiratory or skin allergies when they come in contact with your body. This is especially important for laundry detergent. You don’t want a severe skin rash from wearing your favorite shirt on a game night.

If you or any of your family members suffer from an allergy, you should consider replacing all the regular cleaning supplies with hypoallergenic green supplies. They are free from harmful fragrances and dyes that usually trigger these allergies. 

  1. Skin-friendly – As mentioned above, you may come in direct contact with the chemicals in your cleaning supplies while cleaning and after cleaning. Even when you are too careful and have all kinds of safety gear including an apron, gloves, protective glasses, and masks, some of your skin will be exposed and come into contact with the cleaning products. 

They can cause skin irritation, and some are harsh enough to leave a nasty rash or blemish. You don’t have such concerns when you use green cleaning products. For instance, green kitchen cleaning liquids usually have glycerin as an active ingredient. They are non-toxic and equally effective in cutting through grease and grime when compared to traditional cleaners. By the end of your cleaning chores, you’ll have shiny surfaces and soft hands.   

  1. A better future – Climate change has already started showing its ugly head with more frequent hurricanes, storms, forest fires, and other types of natural disasters throughout the world. You can do your part to solve that problem by adopting green technology and green products, cleaning supplies being one of them. 

You can find green cleaning supplies that are carbon neutral. That means they offset the energy emissions that were necessary to create them with the good they do for the environment. Moreover, they are made from biodegradable products and don’t emit harmful gases that are responsible for polluting the environment and depleting the ozone layer. 

  1. Free from animal testing – Most traditional cleaning products have a wide history of animal cruelty where they conduct extensive experiments on animals to test their products. On the flip side, green cleaning products aren’t just safe for the environment but also created with better practices. Most green cleaning supplies aren’t tested on animals, and some are even cruelty-free. That makes a lot of vegans very happy. 
  1. Cost reduction – Sure, the green cleaning product that’s very popular right now may cost a couple of dollars more than your regular cleaning product. However, you can go independent and create your eco-friendly cleaners with regular household products like vinegar, lemons, and baking soda. 

They will cost a fraction of the traditional cleaning solutions you get from the supermarket. Moreover, when you use green cleaning products, you are less likely to fall sick or develop health issues. You save a lot of money on medical bills.  


Green cleaning supplies aren’t just great for your health, but also more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Using these products helps you control the spread of toxins from your home and keep the earth greener. When you search for “home cleaning services near me” and hire a professional cleaning company, make sure that they use green cleaning supplies in your home.

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