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Is Moisture in My Basement Normal?

If you have moisture in your basement, don’t worry, you are not the only one. Far from it! Almost every homeowner has this problem. However, in some situations moisture is a sign for more serious issues. For instance, moist air can be a sign of a leaky pipe or a broken sump pump.

To find out more about this, read our short guide on unwanted moisture, basement waterproofing and other water troubles.

Causes of Moisture

Basements are most vulnerable to water damage and moisty surfaces. This is because usually our basements don’t have proper ventilation and drainage. Sump pumps and window wells surely do help out, but sometimes even they cannot stop our basements from getting moist.

Moisture appears in shut out and isolated places. These places are usually connected to a wide network of water pipes and springs. Because our homes aren’t made from eternal material, with time, the parts can break and deteriorate, creating the perfect place for water to enter, uninvited.

The Basement

The lack of air circulation and the closeness to underground water pathways and sewer pipes makes basements the ideal place for moisture.

This is why there are many causes for this mysterious moisture, but in each case the problem should be immediately fixed, especially if:

  • You have moisture because of high humidity levels
  • There are leaks and cracks in your walls and floors
  • You have an old piping system

So, the simplest and least dangerous scenario is that you have high humidity levels in your basement. This can be solved with a dehumidifier or a window replacement project. If that high humidity happens because of leaks and cracks, you should immediately fix them and call the experts to see the cause for their appearance. Sometimes the problem is due to an old piping system filled with corrosion, pesticide and cracks from within.

What to do?

We mentioned dehumidifiers earlier, but they won’t solve the problem entirely if you have a broken pipe in the mix. The best option for dealing with your basement moisture is to schedule a free consultation with experts.

Moisture appears wherever there is excess water. When there are unnecessary quantities of water in your walls and floors, things will definitely go astray. There have been cases where whole foundations got damaged just because of a simple crack in the wrong place.

Another thing you should do is take better care of your home. It’s normal if we forget to do some maintenance, especially if we are new at “homeowning.” Having and maintaining a house isn’t an easy job. It requires patience, skill and above else – experience.

From regularly cleaning the gutters and installing a basement waterproofing mechanism to refreshing your drains with some vinegar and baking soda, try to learn all the tricks and tips for running a healthy living environment.

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