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The Benefits of Polymer Modified Cementitious Overlay Systems

Most decorative concretes maintain their effectiveness by texturing and colouring. Is it not amazing when you see a monolithic surface surviving for centuries without any damage even the texture and colour? Indeed, this is the wonder of polymer in various ancient constructions which have been applied with thin polymer overlay to last for centuries. Experience the wonders of polymer modified overlay in Deco Polymer and get them for your use.

The polymer modified cementitious overlays are applied as thin as 3 mm in a certain application and still proved to be highly adhesive, super strength with maximum durability than any other products to work with.

The benefits of polymer modified overlay are enormous and numerous. The best polymer modified cementitious overlays use hybrid polymer technology by including vinyl, acrylic, and styrene polymer modifier.

The quality polymer modified cementitious overlays are normally prebatched and so need a mere add water and mix phenomenon. In the preparation of PMC overlay, you need not get into complications of what to mix and in what proportions. You just need to mix approximate cold and clean water with the help of a normal paddle stirrer.

The benefits of polymer modified cementitious overlay are as mentioned below:

  • They have the strongest chemical bond than any other traditional overlay you can ever find.
  • The PMC overlays do not require for ripping out of the existing surface. They can be very well applied to the existing surface. Eventually, the cost of ripping out the surface is saved.
  • The installation of PMC overlays is simple and faster than the traditional overlay application.
  • The PMC overlays are available in various colour, textures and varieties of styles and designs. You can choose them as per your choice and requirements.
  • The PMC overlay is incomparably durable in comparison to any other overlays in the market.
  • Since the PMC overlay has no or very little maintenance, you will have less maintenance charges on a long-term basis.
  • The PMC overlays have a proven record of more than twenty years of uninterrupted services intended for the purpose. Therefore, PMC overlays are unchallengeable in terms of reliability.

The uniqueness of PMC overlay is its application on various surfaces on various purposes. You can use it on new surfaces, on restorations, on re-styling, on repairing of permanent repairs of path wholes, spalling and pitting; and in repairing back falls and ponding.

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