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Landscape Your Yard with Water Features Making a Unique Oasis

There is a landscaper Calgary that is believed by many to be one of the best and they work hard to maintain that reputation. Oasis Landscaping believes that everyone should have a beautiful, usable outdoor oasis of their own – a place to relax or entertain. This serenity can be created by adding a garden water feature. These experts can assist in:

  • Designing;
  • Integration;
  • Construction;
  • Maintenance.

Koi pond

They will also take care of wintering your water feature which adds to the longevity of this system.  You can have a koi pond. What are koi ponds? These can be thought of as “swimming pool for koi” or in simple terms a big fish tank. There are no aquatic plants, gravel, or rocks in these ponds as they might do some harm to the koi. Koi Ponds are usually built with sides straight down (no steps) to keep any raiders from walking into the pond to make a meal of a koi.

Rain curtain

Or think about something more intriguing, a rain curtain water wall could be just what you need to make your oasis more relaxing. Or a rain curtain could surround your poi pond. A rain curtain water wall could be just the addition to your oasis to make it more attractive and so captivating.

Other ideas

Other ideas that can be incorporated into your own oasis include:

  • Pathways and patios;
  • Retaining walls;
  • Woodworking features;
  • Sod and planting;
  • Outdoor lighting.

More ideas for making your outside unique include:

  • Residential landscaping;
  • Driveways;
  • And numerous other outdoor features.

Whether you are finishing your newly built home or giving your older home a new lift – think about having the unique designing of your entire property.  Having all this landscaping done will make your home stand out from the rest of the neighbourhood and the maintenance will be done for you.

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