The Importance Of Maintenance And Cleaning Of The Air Conditioner.


Maintaining and cleaning the air conditioner is critical. Don’t let the system break down because you will only incur more expenses that could have been avoided if it does. Clean air conditioning will guarantee the comfort of the rooms. It will prevent the appearance of health problems (which arise due to harmful bacteria and substances that accumulate in the filters). We often hear that the air conditioner is terrible, but, in fact, and although this unit also has disadvantages, it is only terrible if it is not adequately cleaned and maintained.

The ideal is to hand over the maintenance work to a professional or visit our website, but even so, don’t miss out on understanding how it works and how cleaning and maintenance are carried out; even so, you can understand how unavoidable they are:

  • Cleaning the interior of the air conditioner varies according to the use that the unit has. About domestic use, cleaning should be done monthly (since those that are used with a lot of intensity should be cleaned every week);
  • The exterior must be cleaned with a damp cloth. Please pay attention to the dirt in the air outlets so that it does not affect the air quality.
  • Cooling systems, hose, and drain pan must be cleaned to ensure that bacteria do not accumulate and there is no standing water.
  • The air conditioner has filters that must be changed within the deadlines. The manufacturer of your air conditioning system will help you with this.
  • The pipes must be inspected annually (to prevent damage) and the electrical cables every six months.
  • Make sure the thermostat is working correctly. The appliance must switch off when the desired temperature is reached. Otherwise, it will waste energy unnecessarily.

When Should You Contact A Professional?

Not everyone has the availability and patience to install an air conditioner, not to mention the fear of the device not being correctly installed. Therefore, it is preferable to contact a professional specialized in the area or meet abacus air condition services. This will handle the installation of the air conditioning and help you choose the best model for your home, taking into account your budget.  

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