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The process of underlayment of granite countertops

Granite is a dense and very heavy stone which necessarily requires support while used as countertops and other designs. Normally, plywood pieces are used to provide the required support for the granites in countertops. But the question is how do you base the plywood for necessary support for the heavy granite, is the question. Experienced and professional technicians apply their skills and techniques to properly prepare and place the plywood base and balance the granite countertops to make it durable. Contact Granite au Sommet for professional, skilled and experienced technicians for balancing the plywood support for your granite countertops in your house.

Though the thickness and sizes of granite countertops are different the desired size or thickness should be 3 centimetres. A square foot of granite countertops of 3 centimetres thickness weighs around 18 to 20 pounds. The shelving and the cabinets may not hold these thick countertops for a longer period. Therefore, underlayment is important in order to hold the countertop with perfect balance and effective support for a longer period. Get the comparatively lighter but durable countertops from Granite au Sommet to balance and support the underlayment for a longer period.

The underlayment plays an important role in providing support to the heavy granite countertop in your kitchen. Without this support, the granite countertop may crack and eventually crash over a specific period. The flat base of the plywood holds the underlayment evenly and balances the weight of the heavy granite countertop and protects it from cracking. The underlayment normally comes water-proof. The granite countertops also come moisture and bacteria resistant. Secondly, the countertops are sealed to protect them from stain and other possible damages. Get in touch with Granite au Sommet for the sealed and protected granite countertops for extra durability in your kitchen.

The beauty, as well as the grandeur of your granite countertop, needs to be well protected so that it will serve you for a longer period. However, there is no doubt about the durability of the granite! It is the heavy weight of this beautiful material which creates the problem. Therefore, the plywood base along with the underlayment is vital to provide the countertop extra support for perfect balance. As the granite countertop is sealed, there is no fear of stain or moisture. If at all the moisture manages to creep into the base, it does not affect the structure. For durability and beauty, contact Granite au Sommet to get the best granite countertops for your kitchen.

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