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What Are The Leading Causes Of A Blocked Drain?

Before going to unblock drains, Molesey, you need to understand why the blocks happen. Problems with blockages can lead to severe issues and might require expert help. You can use some essential tools to resolve the issue. The experts who offer drain survey Molesey say that drain clogs happened for various reasons, and some of them are mentioned here.


Human hair is one of the most common contributors to clocks, especially in the bathtub or the bathroom drain. It is awful because it can lead to not up and also combined with various elements including soap and grease. Some of the stubborn clogs have hair involved in bathroom sinks. You can fix the issue by going unblocking. You can go for DIY cleaners, but they can cause damage to your pipes, so you should ask experts to get a drain survey Molesey done to treat the issue. To prevent any hair from going down the drain, you can use a hair strainer.


Soap residue is also known as soap scum, and it is likely to accumulate over time, especially in the bathroom drain, which reduces the diameter of the pipe and causes slow drainage. One of the best ways that can help to unblock drains Molesey is pressure cleaning. To stop the soap come, you can also use soap-free washes.


One of the most common misconceptions is that one can easily wash away the dirt down the drain. It is not true because the experts that unblock drains Molesey say that dots can build up and lead to clogs when they are mainly combined with soap and hair. You can fix the issue by using a drain cleaner or using a cleaning auger like the plumber snake. 

Food Waste

The food waste eventually clocks the sink of the kitchen. Food waste can surely clog up the pipes even if you have a garbage disposal. Some foods like tea leaves can clog up the pipes, which are pretty bad because they do not break down. There are different places where the food waste ends up a gathering, and you can tackle them by plunging. You can detach the garbage disposal, analyze it and clean it thoroughly. If necessary, you should not think twice before replacing it.

Offset Pipes

Over the past few years, the ground can shift and settle, and the older style pipes are made in 3 sections which end up building clay and concrete. It can be pushed upwards and affect the flow from the home to the municipal sewer system, which depends on gravity. Experts offering drain survey Molesey say that it is wise to call experts for offset pipes because it includes excavation work, and it is not something you can go for DIY solutions. You should not think twice before upgrading your drain system if you live in an old house.

These are some significant causes of train clocks, and you should consider calling experts to unclog them.

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