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Why Do Pests Behave Differently In Different Seasons?


Pests are uninvited guests to any house or property. They may not trouble you always, as most pests behave differently in different seasons. 

You will see fewer pests in the winter season, but in summer, you will find them more in your house and garden. 

Home solutions may not always work. If pests are still troubling you despite taking precautions, calling a local Madison pest control agency can help. 

Interestingly, all types of pests behave differently in each season. All of them may not trouble you at the same time. 

Let’s take a look at some pests and their behavior in each season. 


During the summer season, you may see a sharp decline in the inflow of insects to your house. But that doesn’t mean you can see no insects in summer. Some insects are more active in the summer months. You need to watch out for them. 

Mosquitoes are common in all seasons. If they see stagnant water, they lay their eggs there, leading to more population of mosquitoes thriving in your home.  

Mosquitoes are dangerous to human and pet health. They carry harmful bacteria, and mosquito bites can lead to hospitalizations too. 


When autumn arrives, pests start working for the remaining months. During the autumn months, seeing spiders in your kitchen, balcony, and gardens is frequent. They go there in search of flying bees and bugs for their prey. 

Pests are also active during autumn to grow their population through rapid breeding. If you find fissures or vents in walls or pipes, get them repaired immediately.  


Some pests remain proactive during the entire winter season. When it’s snowing outside or the temperature is too low, pests search for a safe and comfy place from where they can get easy access to food. 

You will see the sudden entry of roaches, spiders, and mice into your home during the winter season. They often hide in warm and dark places to remain oblivious to your eyes. 


The Spring season means fun and happiness for insects. They love the cozy weather and breeze. During these months, insects come out and play. Apart from playing, they also search for shelter to get an uninterrupted supply of food and water. Your kitchen and washroom serve as the best place for them. You will see ants in large colonies moving from here and there throughout the spring season. 

Likewise, bugs also like springtime. It is a perfect season for them to lay their eggs. You have to keep your house neat and clean to make sure that bugs won’t lay their eggs at your house or anywhere near it.

In Conclusion 

It makes sense why some pests go to hibernation in some seasons while some pests become proactive during a particular season. Each pest has a different life cycle and follows a different activity in each season. You can mitigate their entry to your house using preventive measures, but once they secretly invade your kitchen or toilet, you need to call an expert pest control agency in Madison for pest extermination services.  


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