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What you Need to Know about Patrick Shin

Nan Inc. and the man behind it, Patrick Shin, are quite well-known and recognized in Hawaii. Most of the people know the founder as a popular philanthropist and a successful general contractor, but not many are aware of his journey that led him to this position. Nan Inc. had started as a very small company in 1990 and has now become one of the biggest construction companies in Hawaii, which receives numerous government contracts annually and handles multimillion dollar projects. How did it manage to do so and that too within a span of 30 years? This is regarded as quite young in the world of construction.

In order to find out the answer, you need to get to know Patrick Shin. His journey from being a common man to one of the most well-respected and renowned individuals in Hawaii was not an easy or simple one. He was born in South Korea and was named Nan Chul Shin. He immigrated to the United States, something he had always wanted, and changed his name to Patrick in order to adapt to the new culture. His siblings came along with him and they lived in a one-bedroom apartment. He was working in New York with his brother when Patrick Shin won a scholarship to Bowling Green State University.

After completing his graduation and armed with a major in business administration, he moved to Hawaii and worked for a construction company. With two years of experience, he set out to launch Nan Inc. in 1990 and hasn’t looked back since. How Nan Inc. owner serving people? Since he wanted to contribute to Hawaii’s bright future, he began with just one employee and took on all kinds of projects because his goal was to transform Nan Inc. into one of the most successful companies in the state’s construction industry.

To say that he managed to achieve this goal would be an understatement. Today, Nan Inc. is a major player in construction, dealing with complex and expansive projects. As far as Patrick Shin is concerned, he is also well-recognized and has continued to help people. He hasn’t let pride get in the way and he remains grounded and humble. He has given back to a number of charitable organizations and even set up a few charities of his own. He has also donated money to a lot of causes and continues to do so.

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