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Wood Framing Serve Great Purpose, Here’s What You Should Know

All the credit and applause for the attractive buildings that have been standing tall through the years go to structural engineering. Through several decades in the world of structure construction, engineers have handled multiple materials that run inclusive of adobe bricks to steel beams. Wood on the other side proves beneficial for different projects. Particularly, wooden framing is one of the best materials that is used for the wooden framework (ไม้ โครง, which is the term in Thai) projects in multi-family units, commercial developments, and homes.

The Benefits You Get from Wooden Framing

Wooden Framing Can Be Renewed

Wood is counted as one sole building material that can be renewed. Furthermore, it is one of the ideal choices for builders who take care of the environment. Wood consumes lesser energy than steel and concrete for extraction, manufacturing process, and even transportation purposes. Additionally, if you wish to combat climate change, you can consider planting fresh saplings in place of the existing ones, given the process of photosynthesis.

Wooden Framing Includes Better Insulation

Wood boasts of containing higher levels of thermal resistivity than other types of framing materials. Wood framing is twice as energy-efficient as any other elements, no wonder why it is great for the construction of buildings. This is because wood’s cellular structure contains air pockets inside.

Wooden Framing Can Be Easily Used

Wood demands lesser certifications and technical expertise when compared with other types of materials like steel and concrete. More importantly, wood also doesn’t require welding or other exclusive techniques that piles up in the project’s timeline and budget. You can also find wooden frameworks all across the market. Finally, wood involves easy upkeep and repair, as its ages with time. If left exposed under the sun for a long time, it adopts an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Wood Frame is the Commonly Used Material for Homes

Since wood is inexpensive and readily available, it is widely used for homes. Wooden framing includes the structuring of the interior support system of your house. The three types of house framing with wood are:

  • Balloon Method
  • Platform Method
  • Post And Beam Method

You can use the wooden framework in a large variety of structures; starting from clubhouses to residential units.

Wood framing has always been looked up as a durable and trustworthy solution when it comes to your engineering requirements. No wonder why wooden framework projects are in such demand. Consult a professional, if you are planning to make way for a small residential project.

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