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Get Rid Of Rat Infestation by Calling Manchester Pest Control Service

Rats seek shelter in residential areas because of UK homes’ cozy and temperature-controlled environment, especially in colder seasons. Food is another reason rats invade your backyard or home. They scavenge for crumbs, tasty treats, and even pet food. They shelter in safe spots away from predators, but close to water and food. Cluttered crawlspaces, basements, and attics are ideal nesting areas for rats.

Remember, they reproduce at an extremely high rate. The female produces five litters of baby rats every year. Each litter contains 14 pups. These pups start mating within five weeks after birth, and a female rat is fertile every three weeks for around two months. A pair of mated rats can reproduce approximately 200 rats. Just imagine how fast a single rat sheltering in your basement can trigger infestation.

Rats are notorious carriers of numerous diseases. Its urine causes Leptospirosis. Consuming food contaminated with infected droppings can lead to rat-bite fever or Salmonellosis.

Inhaling dust contaminated with rat droppings or urine causes Hantavirus. It is crucial to contact professional pest control services if you find rat droppings. There is a rat likely nearby.

How do professionals handle rat infestation issues?

Professional Pest Control Manchester Services considers a comprehensive approach. They thoroughly inspect your property to identify the extent of infestation and potential entry points for rats. It helps them to tailor a treatment plan. It can include using poison, traps, or both based on the severity of the situation.

Professionals are equipped with advanced techniques and practical solutions that are safe for pets and children. The eradication process is effective and considerate towards the health and safety of occupants under the roof.

The professionals focus on preventative measures like sealing of entry points and advising on the best practices to avoid future infestations.

Best practices that will help to avoid rats entering your residential property in future

  1. Regularly check your home for gaps or holes around the home foundation, windows, and doors. A small crack can give rats access, so seal the openings you find to prevent them from squeezing through.
  2. Keep all the stored food sealed tight in kitchen cabinets and refrigerator. Rats are scavengers and will sift through open garbage containers, fallen fruit, and even pet food left outside. You must promptly clean up food crumbs and spills after every meal. Never feed your pet outside, and promptly pick up the uneaten pet food.
  3. Rats generally shelter in piles of clutter in your yard or unused vehicles on your property. You must store items away from the home exterior or off the ground. Prune the shrubs, trees, and greenery close to your home wall, away from windows, roof, and foundation.
  4. Rats find mint distasteful, so they stay away. Plant mint in your garden and sprinkle peppermint oil indoors where you think rats may be lurking or trying to get inside. It will also keep your home smelling fresh.

Prevention is crucial to maintain a rat-free and even disease-free environment. Follow these practices after pest control services to reduce the likelihood of rat infestation in the future.

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